Thursday, December 16, 2010

A good win in the Black Queen Blues on ICC

This 6...Qa5 move, the so called "Black Queen Blues" as dubbed by Moskalenko has more or less become my main weapon in the Winawer. It's a nice variation, usually ending up in nice blocked French type positions. Here I use it again GM Julio Becerra and get a good win in the 3-minute pool on ICC.


  1. Interesting that in his book ''The French Defence - A complete Black Repertoire '' from super GM Nikita Vitiugov he strongly recomends with 6. ...Ne7 ( pag 183 . He don't give nothingin this line. OK, this is a black repertoire and he recomends other line...but... not a simple game? Frustrating.
    I have a feeling about this line, I don't believe that white pawns advance on king side creates anything more than targets because black king is well defended on queenside while poor white's monarch is always ''dancing tango'' on the middle in this kind of position.
    Don't be so critical about your 33th move. It's difficult to think about pieces retreats, specially when you're attacking a vulnerable king in a 3 min game!
    Nice scalp.

  2. Alas, as a French player I would like to see your comments about last round game between Magnus and Short.
    I did a video to chessvideostv but surelly that your coments would be more elucidative!

  3. Very nice,

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