Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Patterns at work

Do you think knowing the following mating pattern:

Would help you find the win in the following position:

See if you can before I post the answer in the comments!


  1. Well,
    1.Rxe4! dxe4 and now comes the most important, to distract black's knight from defence of h6 square
    2.Be5!+ ( this is cool )Bxe5 3.Rxf5 and now the treats of Rf7 and Qh6+ are unstopable, but checking latter with computer I saw that black still has a couple of candidates, being e6 one of then and I failed to analise this till the end...

  2. Yes this line was played in the game by GM Afek, a very nice combination and a nice setup to a well known theme!