Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Everything that's wrong with online chess

Played this game on ICC in 3-minute pool vs Buffon(GM). Says he is from Italy. This is on move 47. I have 19 seconds left vs 1:28 after some tough defence and realize I can't win this and offer a draw. He declines.

On move 56 I win the pawn....I have 11 seconds left:

If he thought he had chances because of the pawn I offer a draw again....only to by flagged on move 100 by his brilliant back and forth moves.

I played Rd7-d5 about 30 times in that span...but he threw in some checks....

Is this chess anymore? I asked him after the game "What is this?" .....bad idea by the way, I have a very short fuse and this only ended up in getting me more angry which was obviously his intention with answers like "You crying ?" ...."still crying" "cry cry cry" "go on"  and sure enough he is gonna be the one "complaining" and I'll receive a stupid letter from ICC Complain....SERIOUSLY?

Flagging is sometimes part of the game but I think everbody with 15% decency is not gonna flag such an endgame....whatever happened to showing your opponent some respect?


The position Ratedoro references. Tiviakov with black was flagged in this position. He can even lose all his pawns and his bishop and it's still drawn....pathetic!


  1. Bummers... :( Yeah, it seems silly, but that's what increments are for. Instead of G/3 it might be better to play G/1 with a 3 second increment. Works out the same for a 40 move game, but prevents this sort of nonsense.

    Practically, though, instead of getting mad, try just immediately adding a guy like that to your "banned" list as a matter of policy. Sort of a gift to yourself that keeps on giving since you never have to deal with him again. Think of it as a permanent checkmate! :)


  2. Unfortunately it's the 3 minute pool, there are no pools with increments and you can't noplay anybody in the pool.

  3. This is stupid.Do you remember a case where Tiviakov was playing Frank de la Paz ( if I'm not wrong) in one tournament in Cuba? He had 3 pawns more...or something like that... the guy was playing just on time.
    This is worng. But still this is under FIDE rules. What's worse? The behaviour? Or the rules?
    Both are wrong. Chess must be a game decided by more than a few seconds in a stupid position where everything the other guy is doing is waiting for flag. Sad. But is under rules...

  4. Added the diagram. Very sad that this happens, chess should be about honor and respect in such positions. I once had drawn rook ending in a blitz game and my opponent GM Hjartarson had 1 second left. Even though I had had better chances previously, the position on the board was dead draw and instead of flagging I offered a draw.

  5. Yes, definetely agree. Politeness or Gentlemen-behaviour should be closely connected to chess. That internet anarchy really sucks sometimes...pathetic, especially from a GM.

  6. Well... thank's God there's more than just stupid ruls and bad behaviour!
    Ingvar is ding a great job, with many interesting analisis,good humor and I believe that we get another good chess blog!
    For those who don't knows I recommend http://www.chessvideos.tv/.
    There you will find great videos by good players! One of then - zibbit :-)

  7. The clock is part of the game of chess. Although Buffon's attitude was rude and complaining was wrong, he deserved to win just as much as if he played a brilliant 27 move mating attack. If you don't want to play with a clock, refuse to do so.