Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tactics from Malakhov-Grischuk, Russian Superfinal

This position occured in Malakhov-Grischuk in the 7th round of the Russian Superfinal. Malakhov just played 39.Bh4 which is a surprising blunder in an equal position. At the moment white has an extra pawn but black can regain the pawn on h6 at his leisure so material is effectivly equal. Can you find the sequence that won black a pawn and eventually the game? Remember what Nunn said about lose piece, they usually drop of....but in this case the looseness of some white pieces was used to win a pawn!


  1. 1...Bxh4 2.Nxh4 Qe7!

    Queen on a7 is lose, knight on h4 is lose!

    3.Ng2 Nxd5!

    Winning a pawn and later the game!

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