Thursday, December 2, 2010

Comical finish in recent game

This position was seen in a recent game between young GM Dariusz Swiercz from Poland vs IM Twan Burg from the Netherlands.

Black is doing a great job of outplaying his opponent (the eventual winner of the tournament) and one would think that white would have to suffer for a long time in this position! Let's see what happened:

62. Ra4+ Ke3 63. Ra3+ Kd2 64. Rd3+ Ke1 65. Kg1

Hmmm...well black has activated his king but now it's a little cramped and white all of a sudden threatens Nf2 with a mate threat on d1. So black reacts, probably thinking he has this under control.

65...e4 66. Rd4 Rb6 

Probably intending to meet 67. Nf2 with 67...Rb1 stopping the mate.

67.Nf4 exf3 68.gxf3

68. Nxd5 Nxd5 69. Rxd5 f2+ followed by ...Kxf1 and black wins. Now Ng2# is threatened so...


69. Be2!   Ooooopps!

Suddenly mate is again threatened on d1. And stopping it with Rb1 loses the f3 bishop with continued mate threats.

69...Bxe2 70. Ng2#

A truly comical ending that deserves a diagram!

If in doubt, checkmate!

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