Friday, December 24, 2010

Chinese....ermm......Women's World Championship

WGM Ruan and GM Hou Yifan have been battling it out for the title in recent days. Today they have tiebreaks for the title in form of rapid games. As I write this it's 0,5-1,5 for Yifan but Ruan already came back in classical chess so we'll see if she can do it again. The final 3 out of 4 girls where from China with the 4th player in the semifinals being Koneru so we had no Russians in the semi-finals which is a bit surprising.

Anyway congratulations to whoever wins. I haven't been watching closely but from a safe distance ;-)

Some Chinese to learn in honor of these girls:


  1. Hmmm...very ''helpfull'' ... but...where's the important '' where's my precious''phrase???
    Anyway.. Hou Yifan is the new World Champion :-)

  2. rofl.. Fu Kin Su Pah !

    Thx for that^^