Sunday, December 19, 2010

GM scalp, thanks to Marin once again ;-)

I more or less try to follow the Marin books when playing with the white pieces. At the moment I go for Closed Sicilian Reversed instead of the lines recommended by Marin. I also need to study more the c4 e5 lines from book one. I am however getting better and better with every week in the Symmetrical English. When I first started playing the English follow "Strategical Opening Repertoire" I alway had trouble when they played completely symmetrical and  had to go for the early d4 lines like in the following game. I finally studied it some after getting the Marin books and in this game against a strong opponent in the ICC 3-minute pool I managed to put together a good game following Marin's theory and get the nice result!


  1. Ok, ok...You have managed to convince me to buy these books :-)
    As I'm a 1.c4 player... I'll test if marin can help an patzer like me either!

  2. He can help....too bad I can't get a cut :-) I am so enthusiastic about his book one would think I am!