Sunday, December 12, 2010

McShane - Adams, another game in Marin territory

We are getting lots of English openings in this tournament. McShane actually started with 1.g3 but soon we transpose to an English and we get a line from Chapter 8 of English Opening 2 by Marin. Unfortunately we soon left lines discussed by Marin. The early h3 deviated a bit (Nc3 first more normal). We almost reach line B11 on page 140. But with the difference that after 11 moves, Adams had his bishop on b6 instead of on d6 as in B11.

My feeling was that it was white who to fight for the draw (although not hard) so improvements are needed early in this game. Overall this is a very solid line for black and white has to be farily well prepared to press black in this line. That being said, white as always is very solid here.

Replay the game here:

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