Friday, January 28, 2011

The En Passant Pin!

I had black here in an online blitz game and my last move was 24...f5.

In a blitz game it would be very easy to fall for a trap here and take en passant. This is very unusual that a rank can be cleared with two pieces in between in one move so going 25.exf6?? Would certainly be plausible but my opponent didn't fall for it this time. Rare theme but still one I've seen before.

For the lesser skilled, 25.exf6 allows 25...Rxh5 winning the queen ;-)


  1. Did you win this game? Seems like a pretty passive position to be in as black. Nxe6 is a threat. Although - can he play Nxf5 right now?
    Nxf5 exf5
    Rxf5 ...

    If Rxf5, the bishop recapture seems devastating. If you go with something trickier instead of Rxf5 like Ne5, well then. . .I'm just confused. :D

  2. Weird. I pulled out Houdini and it says that my line may just be a draw - just taking with Nxf5, I mean. Kinda interesting.

  3. I lost but I missed some wins before that. I think the diagram is about balanced maybe white has the upper hand a bit. It's from a hedgehog type position.