Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interesting YouTube Channel

Many interesting videos of blitz games, blitz fragments and some other interesting stuff. Check for instance Maxim Dlugy trying to grind out a R vs B endgame. When the king is in the corner, there is only one way to lose and this endgame should be really easy to hold.


  1. That Max Dlugy looks just like an older guy I used to play blitz with at the club all the time. I remember one funny time, he was looking at the board and eventually picked up one of my pieces and moved it and hit the clock. I looked at him and said, "Joe, that was my piece!" He just looked at me and then pushed his pieces at me. Heh, it was such a good time.

  2. I kind of miss when I was younger and people actually played a lot of blitz against each other and not on the internet!