Friday, January 21, 2011

Tough game tonight, LIVE link

I play the #2 seed, IM Bjorn Thorfinnsson rated around 2400. He is leading with 4,5 out of 5 and I have 4 out of 5 along with 9 others.

We always play interesting games and last four decisive games, the other one had a winning position before it turned around. We know each other very well, the strengths and weaknesses and also we know the openings very well that we like to play as we talk a lot about chess.

He has been taking up c4 lately but it wouldn't surprise me if he has studied d4 for this game, fearing my preparation for 1.c4. The truth is that I have been going in circles, not been able to decide what to play. I've decided on an inncent setup that I don't know that well but at least probably takes him out known lines. I will probably play Nc6 and b6 and queenside fianchetto against the King's English and follow with d6/Qd7/e6/Be7 etc.

If he plays d4 I just don't know, I have to decide at the board. I can't play Benoni cause he has a trouble line against me there but on the other hand he would probably suspect that I have looked at that. Also I haven't looked at much Semi-Slav theory lately and that's what we last played and I got a winning position more or less before allowing him counterplay and losing eventually. So I don't know, dilemma!

Games are live here:


  1. (Move 13) You guys seem to have transposed to some kind of "Big Clamp" ant-Sicilian setup. Still no exchanges!

  2. Drawn as black. Not a bad result for sure! Let's say ...white played solid ... way to break. Well played for both players! Go Ingvar! Go!!

  3. What was that - some kind of English-themed day at the club? Yeesh!

  4. Everybody buying those damned Marin books. Tough to beat the lower rated guys now since they all playing bloody solid ;-)