Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fantastic miss in the Icelandic League last year

GM Helgi Olafsson had white for the Vestmannaeyjar team (which I now play for) against the team of Fjolnir's Faruk Tairi from Sweden. He just played 32.Ng7?? which looks good, attacks g6 and he indeed won after 32...g5? 33.Bxd4 etc. He would have been in for a huge shock had black found a strong move in the diagrammed position.

As an amusing anecdote, it was more of a shock that the chessboard got hit with a snowball! Some annoying kid entered the hall and randomly threw a snowball into the crowd of about 400+ chessplayers and randomly hit this game!


This might have been more of a shock than the snowball had Faruk found this move! White probably just loses in all lines.

33.Qxg5 is met with 33...Ra1+ and 34...Nxf3+ winning the queen and...
33.Bxg5 Rc2+ 34.Kd1 (34.Kb1 a2+ 35.Ka1 Nb3#) a2 -+

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  1. Impressive. Admittedly, finding ...Bg5 probably isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially as they probably already played a few hours but it again shows that chess really is about accuracy and the devil lies in the details =D
    Also I am really developing a love for knights. Their "tactical depth" is always good for some interesting lines.

    That snowball story is really "Wtf!" ... although I find it a bit amusing. If something like this happened to me I'd be annoyed too but I probably would laugh out loud anyway. Tend to take such things with humour ^^