Sunday, January 30, 2011

Incredible oversight in an opening book

The author (who I have hidden with black) says here that black can transpose to a line in Exchange Slav by playing ...d5!! Incredible to see in an opening book! (this is e-book of an opening book!)


  1. The white Q is on b3 in that line

  2. I have Lilov's Sicilian Kann. It's IMHO the worse thing I ever get in my life. First of all...Lilov shows many lines, don't get an repetoire after all. But it's not the worse... in the position Lilov says ''"It looks more suitable to me that Black should play Kf8." and concluded with, "and that's an equal position."
    Equal position?? lol
    All the reviews said the same - A poor DVD.

  3. Rateodoro, that's incredible.

    @Heinzk, it doesn't look like it actually is. You can see the ending parenthesis, ending the active line, just to the side of the squiggle that Zibbit added. In that line, Qb3 was played above, and it looks like the author didn't realize that Qb3 hadn't been played, but rather Qc1. In other words, the author probably left the line early but continued on with it by accident.

  4. The diagram is played out from the notation window so it's definately the position he made this comment about! Just a clumsy mistake but a funny one.

  5. Lol..funny examples.
    Poor guy, I bet he is getting dissed for that every once in while *gnhihi*