Monday, March 14, 2011

Reykjavik Open, my games from rounds 5-7

Here is my 5th round game, the second game on Saturday after the poor loss against Gustafsson (meaning I played badly, not that the expected result wasn't the same)

I bounced back on Sunday with a nice grind-out victory from a Catalan type position...

Today I won my 7th round game, bringing me to 4,5 out of 7. This was a Czech Benoni, a opening I believe I am now 3 out of 3 with!

Tomorrow it's Italian Carlo D'Amore rated 2505. I have the black pieces again. I need a good result to have some chances for a norm.


  1. When will you know if you got a norm? How many will you need for IM if you get one here? At any rate- good luck!!- kamus

  2. Well...don't worry...Simmon himelf don't played his own recommendation against McShane ! lol
    I'm beggining to think about that... if someone don't plays what he advocates as best choice...this is... strange!

  3. They're all just trying to fleece the world with their "recommendations". "Ah-ha! If these people follow the recommendations I make, then I will automatically beat them because I'm recommending a bad line."