Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chess sucks ;-(

Lost somewhat embarrasingly in the 4th but ok I'll try to move on with life.

Here is 3rd round game:

And here is the morale-killing game against Gustafsson. I hope he isn't too harsh on...


  1. Ouch, chess can be rather annoying. I find the Symmetric English surprisingly unforgiving. The second game is a tough one to digest. Losing to purely natural moves leaves me completely befuddled and sad, as if trying to look for non-obvious moves and plans is somehow stupid. Anyhow, hang on and don't switch to the London. :P

  2. had a tough day. Let's say, a tough tournament, cause from 4 games you had to play against Sune Berg (+2600)and then against Gusti. This guy is very strong and plays equally well a lot of positions and openings. After that my advice is...take a beer...enjoy some fun, because chess is more than winnings or loses. Chess is about happiness and friendship, and as you said before , this is on of your favourite tournaments. Enjoy life and friends, be happy again, keep your mind and plays the way you know!

    Regards dude,


  3. I will keep an eye on his blog but I am sure he won't be too harsh =D
    He hasn't posted anything about the tourney yet but gives the rather interesting information that Iceland celebrated the "Day of Beer" (bordagurinn? ) just before the tourney ?
    Anyway, heads up...still some rounds to go and as rateodoro pointed out, you had some really tough opponents. I feel with you though, if I had the chance to play Jan I would prefer to give him a fight - resigning after 19 moves is quite depressing I afraid =( .
    - still Zibbit fanboi. Gogogo ! *cheer* -