Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reykjavik Open has started - My 1st round game

My favourite tournament has started. Time to meet foreign friends and have fun on the 64 squares. I started with a victory with white in the first round against an 1800+ player. I would have preferred black since I now get the YoYo i.e. black against strong players and if I lose white against lower rated rinse and repeat!


  1. Good scalp! Perhaps on 3th round we will see another English and another win?
    Good luck :-)

  2. Hi Ingvar, I really miss playing in that tournament. How did you get a playable applet on blogspot? The one I tried using Chessbase needs a place to put the data, and I have never been able to figure out how to do that on Blogger outside of having free server space somewhere.

  3. Hi! How are you! I used
    I paste the pgn there and it spits out code for me to put into the blogpost html!

  4. Thanks, I will try it! I moved to Azerbaijan after Iceland and hoped to play some chess. Sadly, I never got to. Next summer I move to Budapest, so I will certainly be able to play in the First Saturday events sometimes. It's been interesting following your games. Best of luck!