Friday, March 4, 2011

Played tonight in the Icelandic League

Was my birthday so nice to get the W but unfortunately my team lost the match meaning our chances of gettign the title are almost relegated to purely mathematical. I don't have time to add analysis or words because the next game is tomorrow morning, but anyway here is the game, nice to win with black against 2444 and member of the Icelandic Olympic team.

I had prepared for a completely different opponent as their lineup surprised us. I thought I was black against IM Thorfinnsson who I also played against with black in the Reykjavik Championship in January. So all my preparation was preparing against the English Opening. When my opponent here opened 1.d4 I decided to deviate and not play the Benoni because I had no preparation and feared that my opponent had prepared something there. So I went for the closed Czech Benoni and also thought this was a good type opening to get my type of position vs him and also something he wasn't very familiar with. I know him pretty well so these choices are always very psychological.


  1. Heyas my friend! Good to hear from you! I was worried about you! First of all, happy birthday! MY best wishes of peace, health and sucess! And... good game! I really don't like this kind of position as white...remebers a lot Fischer x Spassky, that Bd3 is so bad...and latter in the game Be3 wasn't good either... finally when you get opportunity to open king side white pieces was so bad placed. To be honest, white didn't get any chance! Good luck in next rounds...and please... be well :-)

  2. Thank you very much. I will update a lot in March as I have Reykjavik Open that I am participating in.