Saturday, March 19, 2011

A nice draw for me

In the process of moving so been finding some old stuff in boxes, both books, pictures, scoresheets etc.

Here is a draw I made with black in 2005. Jonathan Speelman might be historically the strongest player I've drawn, not the highest rated but the one that got furthest in the Candidates Matches.


  1. Oh man. What a memory. Super accomplishment.

  2. Do you good memories can be used to change our feelings. You had a tought tournament ... nothing as good as good memorabia to give you new feelings! Go master!

  3. Speelman is one of my all-time favorite grandmasters-- i love his understated sense of humor. His Chess.FM commentary is brilliant the few times he's on there. Plus he looks like a wizard that you'd want on your side in a Harry Potter movie!!