Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tactics in yesterdays online games

I found some neat and unusual tactics in yesterdays online blitz games. While I feel good finding these I also need to stop playing 3 0 as the quality of games is close to dramatically better in online 5 0 games vs 3 0 games. Time is just too huge a factor in 3 0 and it annoys the hell out of me to build up good positions only to be flagged by an opponent who did close to nothing constructive the whole game.

But such is life...we need to take the positive out of these games and I was happy with these tactics.

#1 White to move

#2 Black to move


  1. #1

    1.b4! black can't take en passant and so he loses a piece


    Cheeky move. 2.Qxe2 meet with 2...d3+ followed by 3...Bd4 winning the queen! So black ends up winning an exchange.

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