Friday, November 26, 2010

Aronian wins World Blitz Championship!

Congratulations to Levon Aronian for winning this fantastic event. It is clear that this form of chess is the most commercially ready product for the general people who know little or not much about chess. The Russian organisers did a great job with a brilliant live broadcast and I enjoyed myself thoroughly watching some live games (video of the players playing, not just a relay of moves) over the 3 days that the event was played.

Many of the games are also quite interesting because the players at this level play extremely strong even with this short time control and we get to see top class intuition at it's best.

I recommend everybody to watch some games, they are for instance available on these channels on YouTube:

ChessVibes also has some videos in two parts:


This success by Aronian follows quite good results recently and he is currently over 2800 which is a pretty sexy rating!

I met Aronian in Gothenburg 2005 and he is a very nice guy, difficult not to root for him!

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