Thursday, February 3, 2011

A wonderful mating theme from ICC game

My friend and teammate from the Vestmann Islands team was playing a 3-minute game on ICC vs a Grandmaster and finished him off with a mate in 3 in this position.

1.Qf6!! Nxf6
2.Bg7!! Kxg7

Aside from being very beautiful and clean, this mating pattern also has a nice aesthetic geometry to it. White makes successive checks on the diagonal squares, f6, g7 and h8 and each time with a different piece! This could possibly be unique but I'll leave that to someone with good searching tools in databases.


  1. That's amazing. I really like that mate. While I'm sure it's not the first of its kind in that kind of position, I've certainly never seen anything quite like it.

  2. thanks for sharing Ingvar,
    surprisingly i managed to find it within 10s of looking at the position! (and i'm quite a weak player C class probably
    knowing that theres a mate makes it much easier though