Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good interview with Chucky

He just had a fantastic tournament in Gibraltar and he always has those in between every year. He is obviously dripping with talent but sometimes he becomes very inconsistent in between his brilliant performances.

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  1. Chuck is a favorite of mine. When I satrted to play he was one young and strong opponent. Who don't remember that devasting win against Kasparov? I Never saw somthing like that..Kasparov was devasted! He is excentric... but he plays everything! In the match against Ponomariov, he tried all defences against 1.e4! He played Ruy Lopes, French, Caro Kann...and Alekhine! Amazing!And tha anedotes about he doing exercices just before playing Kasparov at Linares? So much funny and crazy moments! Ivanchuk rulez !!